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    Welcome to SANCO TRADING GERMANY GmbH, a German trading company in global sourcing, purchasing and procurement. We are your partner and trading office in Europe to import and export based on your requirement for different kind of commodity and Industrial products.

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    Our customers are small , medium and big companies located in Asia and Middle east who are looking for a middle company in Germany to handle and manage their foreign purchasing orders. We negotiate prices and terms on behalf our clients in order to minimize the final purchasing cost and provide a fast shipping service.

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    Our company help you to find requested products and services you need in Germany and Europe at the right time, from the right suppliers and at the right quantity and quality.

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    As a middle company we can prepare proposal for different kind of commodity such as Agricultural Products , Iron ore , Mining Products  and also we have focus on industrial products such as Measuring instrument, Metrology and Laboratory equipment, Machine tools , Production machines , power transmission and mechanical components , Hydraulic and pneumatic tools or any other requirement from Global producers in Germany or Europe.

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    Based on the existing export regulations and laws, we hereby buy different kind of goods such as :

    Industrial products , Medical equipment , Cosmetic Products from Germany and Europe and export to our target markets including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Russia.

    We are also exporter of Mining products such as Andalusite , Feldspar , Dolomite , Mica ,…from Asia to Europe .  

    Please send us your request via our INQUIRY FORM and our experts will contact you immediately.

Please send your enquiries by following form or you can send to info@sancotrading.de or fax no. 0049 40 60443889 contact details :
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    contact us

    Sanco Trading Germany GmbH

    Seebarg 28 Stw.EG
    22397 Hamburg

    Tel : +49 40 60443887 / 40 60443888
    Fax : +49 40 60443889
    Email : info [at] Sancotrading.de